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February 22nd, 2011 | filmtiki

filmtiki is a creative digital marketing studio, based in Brighton, UK.

We have been creating digital marketing solutions for the global film and entertainment industry since 2008. We also provide custom training, workshops and lectures for media professionals and universities.

Have a look around our site to see how we can help you engage with your audiences in a more creative and effective way.

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New courses for fall 2016: VR HMD Technology, 360 video, realtime cinema VR workflow and content creation for filmmakers

We are excited to host another two training programmes in this area for the UK film industry! Check out The VR and 360 video Academy and our course on VR and 360 Storytelling and pre-visualisation technology for producers, script editors and digital asset managers. Applications for both courses close on 12th September 2016. Apply now!

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