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filmtiki is a creative digital marketing studio, based in Brighton, UK.

We have been creating digital marketing solutions for the global film and entertainment industry since 2008. We also provide custom training, workshops and lectures for media professionals and universities.

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The filmtiki team were pleased to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from all of our participants in our first Interactive Audiences Workshop, funded by Creative Skillset. Over the course of one year, we have worked intensely with a small group of creative minds from a diverse media background, including film and theatre.

The latter group included Daisy Campbell and several members of her production crew who were anticipating launching a major crowdfund campaign for an event called Cosmic Trigger, a multi-city joint festival/theatre event featuring cutting-edge production technologies and multi-media elements that will premiere in late 2014. Click here to read more about Interactive Audiences and how we worked with Cosmic Trigger.